Affordable Assisted Living in Longview WA

    cropped-new-westside-terrace-retirement-and-assisted-living.jpgNew Westside Terrace, 1200 17th Ave, Longview WA


Eric and customer filling out move in paperwork

Eric, Administrator, with a Customer

Hi! I’m Eric, Administrator of New Westside Terrace Retirement Home and Assisted Living in Longview WA. We offer studio, and full size one and two bedroom apartments.


Eric with Medical Staff

I invite you to consider New Westside Terrace for your new retirement home. You may choose your senior apartment from several floor-plans. We offer a variety of senior housing and senior services options, including: independent living, assisted living, and long-term care. Pay only for the services you need. Please call for a tour!

Seniors are independent adults who like to be in control of their lives and make their own decisions. You have raised a family, pursued a career, and worked hard for your future. As a senior, you have a life full of experiences, knowledge, and memories. We understand and respect that, and we want to assist you with your senior living options.

Let’s make the move when you’re young at heart, ready to join in fun and activities, have energy to make new friends and enjoy senior living, and are able go through your belongings and sell your home yourself. Many of our residents tell us they wish they had moved sooner.

We want to help you have enjoyable and rewarding senior living. We want to be your retirement home and are here to assist you.


Eric Serving Coffee

Please contact us. We can enjoy coffee and a tour. I look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely, Eric R, Administrator


Eric Adding Fish to Our Fish-Tank






Eric Cleaning Fish-Tank





Eric and resident admiring the fish tank

Eric and resident admiring a new decoration in the fish tank


Charles Bond, owner New Westside Terrace Assisted Living in Longview WA

Charles Bond, Owner